Ship boarding in open sea is the first purpose of the product and the technical environment where the system was born; OCTOPe is designed and featured to give its maximum contribution to safety of passengers and crews.
OCTOPe is...damping the impacts, strong connecting, easy and fast operating and releasing, extremely safely in case of rough sea or bad weather conditions; no manual operations or ropes required.


Featured to be installed on light vessels, its modularity design is exalted in this mounting layout.
One stand-alone module, composed essentially by a vacuum connection system and elastic elements, permits any kind of relative movements, maintaining constant the distance between vessel and dockside.
Once activated, the system is completely automatic and provides the first mooring connection; later, with the boat being strongly connected and allowing to hop on or get off, manual operations can be done with ropes.
This guarantees a great advantage in safety and comfort.


Two integrated modules means double connection force.
This type of mounting on motorboats does not take space on board; installed inside the bathing platform, the system will give a very safe protection of the hull from impacts.
The modules act as an interposition between yacht and dock.
This layout guarantees the vessel alignment without an opposite mooring post, meanwhile the system is connected.
Better: no ropes on stern's side means having the clearest space situation around the boat and represents an elegant solution when showing the boat.
Stupefying in maneuver, without any manual intervention by the crew or harbor personnel.


For boats over a certain length this represents the correct solution: placing the connection modules for side mooring.
In this way, both the distance between arms and the reduced swinging help the system give the correct reaction and maintain a safe and stable connection to the dock.
The system protects the hull and, contrary to fenders, doesn't get ruined or damaged, doesn't dirty the hull and works in extension, damping fastidious accelerating movements in case of strong gusts of wind.


For the same reason of commercial purpose, the system is adaptable to be used in tender mooring. The system ensures easy handling, stupefying comfort and safe mooring. This action of retention is extremely important while getting on board: meanwhile stepping on board, the tender is subject to a detachment reaction, showing the tendency to move away; the system denies this hazard. Tenders will be always ready to sail away and kept at the right distance from the yacht hull. The vacuum pad is designed to preserve painted surfaces from peeling and realized with spongy soft rubber that doesn't scratch the hull (TESTED on painted wooden/iron yacht hulls).
OCTOPe: economical, compact and reliable boat mooring system.
It even allows individuals to moor the vessel safely by themselves.
Provides safe boarding and disembarking passengers, retention (of tenders); fast release.
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See how the product can fits to different types of boats and solutions: check for mounting layouts.
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The standard model doesn't match your needs? Find other possible applications under customized products.
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